Hygiene Kiosk


Wall Mount Temperature and Face Recognition Pass Management Device

FR20-Face Recognition
Pass management device of temperature measurement & face recognition uses Rockchip RK3288 high-performance hardware platform, equipped with industrial-class…


Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser To Combat Covid-19

A22-FAD02 - Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
The Automatic hand Sanitizer Dispenser is integrated with 21.5inch screen for covid-19 videos or other advertising and
sanitizer dispensing to prevent…


Hygiene Kiosk With Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Temp. Measurement,Disinfection Wipes & Trash Bin

HK-19 Hygiene Kiosk
Hygiene Kiosk is a kioskk that come with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, temperature measurement ,disinfection wipes and trash bin.many public places,…



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