Heritage Digitization



SupraScan QUARTZ A1 - A1HD

The SupraScan Quartz A1 and Quartz A1 HD offer innovative features like the relief enhancement and glare controle system. Thanks to optical and lighting innovation, relief enhancement features enables perfect reproduction of works of art sush as paintings, drawings and antique works of art; glare control feature enables scanning any glossy documents even blister poched document.


Image quality

Compliant with ISO 19264 and the Metamorfoze and FADGI guidelines // Two cameras available: standard and HD model


Scanning up to 1030 x 630 mm ( 40.5” x 24,8” in) - Quartz A1 // Scanning up to 1030 x 618 mm ( 40.5” x 24,3” in) - Quartz A1 HD


Scan time < 6 seconds with the QUARTZ A1 at 300 dpi




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