Heritage Digitization



SupraScan QUARTZ 2A0 HD

The SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 scans works of art and large and/or thick documents (with or without a frame) up to 2 x DIN A0/E in color and black and white. With its moveable plate guaranteeing easy manipulation and correct positioning, the SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 produces high-resolution scans (up to 800 x 800 dpi optical) using a height/resolution sensor, while ensuring the greatest respect for the original works.


Image quality

Thanks to its HD camera, which is compliant with FADGI (4-star at 300 dpi) and Metamorfoze guidelines, the QUARTZ 2A0 HD offers an optical resolution of 800 x 800 dpi


1,800 x 1,200 mm (70.8 x 46.2")


To facilitate the positioning of fragile and large-format works, the SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 is equipped with a motorized plate, which moves on vertical axes




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